Kit of a Ferrari Testarossa in Side Perspective


Ferrari Testarossa in Side Elevation

An easy to build relief side view of every boy’s and still many men’s dream car; the Ferrari Testarossa.

The Testarossa, or Red Head, released by Ferrari in 1984 took the world by storm with its super distinctive side fluting, 5 speed manual gearbox, fantastic sound, and 12 cylinders of power.

Drawn to a scale of 1:18, you can own your own Testarossa!

Sand the edges for a smoother more realistic form or simply join the layers together for a bold graphic look, the choice is yours how to paint and finish your dream car.

Quick to build and fun to decorate, this scale Ferrari side view relief will brighten any bedroom or office wall!

Remember Miami Vice?  Below not only shows you some awesome angles of this beatiful car but also tells you just why that shiny black Ferrari Spyder transformed to thew iconic white Testarossa and how Enzo Ferrari himself insisted they used REAL testarossas in the filming.


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