We create craft artworks – layer by layer you create a relief image of your choice of classic road or sports racing cars and scenery.  We believe in the powerful release that craft brings to our minds, and the excitment and enjoyment of the possible – buy two kits, end up with two completely different cars – number them as you like, colour them as you like, have the door open and peak inside at that leather interior or robust roll cage, add the background of your choice and simply endulge in the empowering process of releasing your inner creativity! 

Go bold and quick – layer up and colour up and in an afternoon you have something striking for your wall!

Go detailed and revel – smooth each piece and emulate that bodywork shine – re-create a mini replcia version of your relief for your wall!

Great for the grown up, great for the inner child, these kits are made to be simple to put together and paint – adopt a chalenge if you like the feel of wood and sand your edges to a smooth finish so your smoothed, rounded relief shimmers like the bodywork on the car, or show it in its bold graphic state with flat surfaces and vibrant colours. 

Woodwork or Art?

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How realistic you go is up to your own personal taste – if you are familiar with decoupage then you will immediately see the method of construction – some parts relief, some inset. 

Fancy dipping your toe in woordwork? Use sandpaper and/or very carefully a craft knife to gently curve off and smooth your edges prior to assembling your relief.

Brilliant, so do we!  We aim to release as least 1 new relief each and every week.  We are partnered with Sportscars.TV – a super passionate site about automotive design and automotive art – a team that has been assimilating reference materials since 1952 all about road, sports and rally cars.  Join our Paetron supporters for insights into the lastest releases and unique Paetron-limited audios all about your favourite cars.  In your Paetron’s support of our work we are able to continue to diversity with a collection of options for your artworks; add-ons and regular new releases!  We really do appreciate all of our paetrons and customers – Thank You!